Carolina Boat Brokerage | About Us
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About Us

We Sell Your Boat Professionally

With over 15 years experience in retail marine sales and a diverse client base that expands all over the world, we are aggressive and will do what it takes to move your boat. We are in the business of selling your boat,not selling new ones to customers that came to look at your used one.

We Close Deals

We handle all dealings with prospective buyers throughout the whole sales process, including sea trials and surveys. This means you won’t have to take time out of your day to deal with certain areas of the selling process.

Our Brokerage Network

Carolina Boat Brokerage, LLC is involved with broker networks. This promotes your boat to other brokers and their clients therefore expanding your boat’s exposure that much more.

Benefits of Using a Professional Brokerage

Long story short, we sell your boat faster for more money with less headache.

Trained Sales Staff

Our team of professionals have the experience you need to be great in this business. They have also undergone professional sales training that has proven to be highly effective for our clients.

Top Dollar

Our track record of getting boats sold quickly and close to asking price is unparalleled in the Wilmington to Charleston boat market. We can also SAVE you money by advising you on how to spend your money to sell your boat.

Knowledge & Experience

Our balance of both knowledge & skill contributes greatly to our success. We review the market daily, perform with the highest work ethic, and we’ve been boat brokering boats and helping people passionately for over 15 years.

Large Network

We have been building a network of buyers and brokers all over the world for the past 15 years. This network has contributed largely to our low selling times and acceptance of original asking prices.

Targeted & Effective Marketing

Carolina Boat Brokerage, LLC pays for the most EFFECTIVE ADVERTISING in the industry, which is directed to the correct customer base.

Top Dollar for our Clients

During the busy season, Carolina Boat Brokerage, LLC sells our clients’ boats on an average of only 1 month AND within 8% of asking price!


Boats We Enjoy Selling

We’ve had the most success selling these well-known brands

Sit back, relax, and let us sell your boat for you.